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Pohlmann Hofmann Bankruptcy Administrator Partnership Law Offices

Munich Office:
Unterer Anger 3, D-80331 Munich, Germany
Phone +49 89 548033-0, Fax +49 89 548033-111

Augsburg Office:
Pröllstraße 24, D-86157 Augsburg, Germany
Phone +49 821 507490-0, Fax +49 821 507490-11

Ulm Office:
Friedenstraße 1, D-89073 Ulm, Germany
Phone +49 731 493911-0, Fax +49 731 493911-11



Register of partnerships at the District Court of Munich, No. PR 588

Represented by the partners:
Rolf G. Pohlmann, Bankruptcy Administrator and Attorney
Dr. Matthias Hofmann, Bankruptcy Administrator and Attorney

Each title of attorney was conferred in Germany (§5(1)-5 lit. b of TMG, the German Tele-Media Act).

Our attorneys are members of the Bar Association for the Higher Regional Court of Munich, and are primarily based in the Munich office. A branch office is in Augsburg.

Bar Association and Oversight Agency:

Bar Association of Munich
Tal 33, 80331 Munich, Germany

(There is no trade association for bankruptcy administrators, who are subject to oversight of the respective district court, or the bankruptcy court in case of a bankruptcy.)

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AXA Versicherung AG
Colonia-Allee 10-20, 51067 Cologne, Germany
Coverage territory: Germany

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Visit the Federal Bar Association site,, to view all professionally relevant legal regulations in German (German Federal Regulations for Attorneys, Code of Conduct for Attorneys, Attorney Compensation Act, Professional Regulations for European Union Attorneys, Regulations for Specialist Attorneys). The field of bankruptcy administration is governed by the Bankruptcy Act, the European Bankruptcy Act, and the Bankruptcy Compensation Act.