Reorganization and restructuring

We know the next step

Administrating a bankrupt organization is our forte. Whenever economically feasible, we strive to retain and continue the enterprise – underscored by bankruptcy laws and our legal and entrepreneurial creativity. We analyze the company’s processes and structures, and assess the corporate concept, costing, and market positioning. For us, reorganization means not just cutting costs, but rather achieving growth and higher efficiency too – on a case-by-case basis.



Debtor in Possession and protection under the bankruptcy code

Count on our surefootedness

We are highly committed to handle bankruptcies, no matter where the parties are located, through the debtor in possession and protection under the bankruptcy code processes. Our expertise has been reported in notable publications, etc. Debtor in possession and protection under the bankruptcy code processes rely on constructive, transparent, and highly professional teamwork between the company in a crisis, its advisors, and the legal custodian. We recognize especially our unique responsibility towards the creditors, but always keep a steadfast eye on the interests of the company.









Complex legal issues

Hindsight is always 20-20

Another facet where we excel is the handling and coordination of bankruptcies involving intricate legal issues or corporate organizations. Sometimes, even experts are unable to help the parties untie the Gordian knot, and a company goes bankrupt. No matter how complex the organization of a company or corporation, we operate objectively and impartially by checking the facts and legal issues and delve into these thoroughly and quickly. We have highly qualified attorneys and possess demonstrated skills extending beyond the sphere of bankruptcy laws. Nevertheless, we stay focused on crucial and doable tasks. That’s why we almost always manage to untie the Gordian knot.




Criminal and disputed bankruptcies

We expose underhanded dealings

Dealing with bankruptcies that involve criminal acts – such as the shifting of assets, balance sheet manipulation, tax evasion, etc. ­– calls for special know-how. We expose illicit acts, secure assets, ensure that shifted assets are returned, and take the guilty to task. Our goal is to provide the highest degree of satisfaction to the bankruptcy creditors/claimants. Serious discord among the parties can also lead to legal incapacity and thereby bankrupt the company. We function as a neutral and objective party to verify all decisive events – while ignoring peripheral effects. We bring the parties to the table and strive to find a solution, while being ready to replace decision makers who set up hurdles.