v.l.n.r.: Dr. Björn Hellfeld, Rolf Pohlmann, Dr. Matthias Hofmann, Karen BuvePohlmann Hofmann is a German law firm specialized in insolvency administration, self-administration (debtor-in-possession-cases) and restructuring with a special focus on corporate restructuring. We are one of the leading law firms in Germany in the areas of restructuring and insolvency law.

With more than 20 professionals in a team of around 60 people, we are able to process insolvency and restructuring proceedings of all sizes nationwide from our locations in Munich, Augsburg, Ulm and Miesbach.

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We are known for exercising our administrative role professionally and with precision, and for getting to the bottom of issues. We love challenges involving intricate corporate organizations or legal issues. Whenever it makes economic sense, we apply our technical know-how, creativity, and negotiation skills to strive for continuing the enterprise. That is how we achieve commendable success in reorganization cases and provide optimized support for continuing operations.


A high standard for administering a bankruptcy professionally calls for teamwork comprising members that are dedicated, competent, and highly qualified. Hence, our professionals and staff are solely involved in administering bankruptcies and serving as legal custodians. Such clear roles ensure that we are not biased towards any of the parties involved and remain neutral in the interests of the debtors.


Central contact

Offices-Details can be found here.

All our offices can be reached by email at the central email address
mail (at) pohlmannhofmann.de

and under our central telephone number
+49 89 548033-0.

Please specify in email messages addressed to us in the subject line the insolvency- or restructuring procedure (company name) to which your message refers, otherwise your message may not be assigned or delayed.